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"Real Vampires"

As far as "real" Vampires are concerned I Don't believe them to be Vampires. They are people who dress the part look the part and believe that they are the part but as for supernatural powers, no. Vampirism in the real world is a vast underground community of rules, loyalty and secret. This is where the true Evil of Vampires come in. Most Vampires follow a code of conduct that protect the other vampires in the area. While most of their activities aren't dangerous. They aren't exactly legal. Like the consumption of human blood. This is really deranged. But they do exist. The problem is actually tracking them. With the onset of the Internet, their world has become very accessible. And it is also very easy for them to hide their activities. For, instance who is to say whether a person is really a vampire or if they are just role playing.

As I wandered on the Internet looking for information I ran across a multitude of Web Sites and Newsgroups that are related to this subject the majority of them were personal useless sites that only mean anything to the person who is making the site. But in my search I found many great sites. Some of them focus on the role-playing version of Vampires and others specialized in the communication of true vampires.

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