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"Creation, Death and Weakness"

Now let's get on with some of the details. First of all, how does one become a Vampire? Well through history, Legend has produced an absurd amount of contradicting stories. We will discus only a few. One way is to be bitten. Once bitten you slowly change into a vampire like you were infected with a virus of some sort. Another way is that your blood is drained until you are near the point of death then you drink the blood of a Vampire. Still more is that you are bitten 3 times and then you become a vampire. Some of the other ways are that you are bitten at climax during sexual intercourse. Or you can be born a Vampire. Of all of these I agree with drinking a Vampires blood the most. The other ways would seem to overpopulate the world.

Now lets talk about how to kill a Vampire. The problem with this is that vampires in so many myths have remarkable regeneration. But here are a few of the ways to kill a vampire. You can run a wooden stake thru their heart, decapitation, sunlight, burning, removal of the heart or severe mutilation. Crosses and Holy Water won't usually kill a Vampire but in most cases it will do a lot of damage. I follow the other myth and that is that a Vampires vulnerability depends immensely on their age and/or strength. That is that a Vampire can over come certain things such as mutilation, wooden stakes, and even sunlight in a rare case.

As far as activity during daylight hours. That varies also. Some can walk in the day with no effect while most are affected in some way from lack of power to completely comatose. Most Vampires need some sort of coffin to sleep in. The ground makes a good emergency coffin. And they need to protect themselves from sunlight.

An interesting thing about Vampires is their natural instincts of survival when they are asleep in the daylight hours. Lestat has talked of waking in the evening with his body uncovered, his hand holding a dead human by the neck, above his sleeping body. These are the consequences of waking a sleeping Vampire.

Well, let's talk about some other weaknesses. Holy Water, is nothing, Crosses, are useless, forget hiding in your house, they can enter without permission. About the only weakness they have is they sleep in coffins or in the ground. They are completely unconscious during the daylight, and only true sunlight will harm them. Other than those they are like another person. You hurt them bad enough and they will die. Decapitation is a good one. Fire usually will do the trick but don't count on it with an older vampire.

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