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"Vampire Powers"

Let's talk about Vampiric powers. We will start with some of the lesser powers. First of all, speed. Vampires have incredible speed. Even the least of them exhibit some increased speed. It has been written that vampires can stand in a crowded room and drink the blood of a human dry. And have it look like the person just collapsed in their arms. Can't even see the bite take place. The Blood, it is the life force of a vampire. It means everything to them. Through the blood is transferred all sorts of things, warmth, color, and memories. The drinking of blood from a human is an intimate thing. An older vampire experiences images, thoughts, and powerful influences. While a younger one will experience, pleasure, and feelings. Pleasure, vampires are not sexually active in the Ricean world, they experience greater forms of pleasure and pain than humans could ever imagine though. They have heightened senses that allow them to see, touch, taste, smell, and hear better than us plus they have a sixth sense that allows them other senses of presence, danger and other things. The Drinking of blood is the closest thing that Vampires can get to Sexual Pleasure. Now for Vampires to drink the blood of each other is as intimate as you get. Through this flows pleasure, pain, images, experience and most notably, Powers. Vampires can transmit their powers through their blood. And this also gives the two vampires a connection of knowing where the other one is and can sometimes even see through their eyes and hear with their ears. The sharing of blood is kept sacred and only to those you trust.

Movement. Speed can be an incredible tool, some Vampires have exhibited tremendous speed. Can you imagine teleportation? Well think about this. You see a person standing at the bottom of a great wall. You watch him and all of a sudden he is gone, disappeared right before your eyes. You look up immediately. And you see him standing on the wall looking over the landscape as if he had always been there. This is speed. He climbed the wall in a split second. This is about as fast as they get but this would allow them tremendous ability to travel, and not get caught in the sun. Now I mentioned teleportation. This is possible only with the oldest and/or most powerful vampires. But it is possible. Flying is also the same as transportation.

Some miscellaneous powers are mind reading, telekinesis, out of body movement (when your "spirit" is about and your body stays), strength. Imagine incredible strength. The skin of a Vampire is said to be like stone. Smooth and velvety but hard as stone. This is extremely powerful strength.

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