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"Miscellaneous Information"

The appearance of a Vampire is ever changing. They tend to have pale, cool skin except after feeding. It takes on color and warmth. Eyes are the eyes of fire. They look different but not noticeably, except when enraged. Long fingernails. We're not talking daggers here but defiantly sharp and pointed. Most Vampires have dignity that demands respect. This is what being a Vampire is all about. Most keep a lot of money. And therefore live like kings. They have absolute control over themselves and their surroundings. They are the ones in charge.

Age. The age of current vampires is quite sporadic. You have a multitude of young ones under 400 years. Armand, Lestat, Louis, Gabrielle, David, Jesse, just to name a few of the more influential. The members of the "Vampire Council" as I like to call them, the most powerful coven. Then there are the older members of the council. Mekare, The Queen Of The Damned, Maharet, Marius, Khyman, Mael, and Pandora. These are known as The Children of Millennia, the youngest of which is Pandora, she is about 2000 years old. Don't let age fool you, Lestat is probably only comparable to Khyman, or Maharet. He had a fling with the previous Queen and had a lot of her blood he can do any of the powers I have mentioned, and he is just over 200 years old. That would be like a 12 day old to a 75-year-old human. When compared to Maharet, Mekare, and Khyman.

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